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With the Flower Festival just 1 week away before it starts, many of you have asked me for the program.

I can say that this is still NOT available of the Tourist Board website, if you click on the link for the program you just get a 404 error page.

Even if they had a simple message stating when the program will be released would be a help, instead of this above image, and with only a week to go I think its disgusting this is not already available.

I would also bring to the attention that people walking levadas should also take the information for walkers with a pinch of salt, as this is very poorly updated. We walked the Levada do Furado just over 2 weeks ago, one of the best walks on the island from Ribeiro Frio to Portela, the tourist board site said this walk was closed so we were not sure what to do, but our gut told us to go to Portela where we would leave a couple of cars, and ask in the local bar there, to our relief the bar owner told us the walk was open, we did the walk as planned, but still up until now this walk is still showing closed on the website, and I wonder how many tourists over the last few weeks have missed this walk due to their useless information.

If anyone has done any of the walks which are listed closed, please let us know.