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This is the second fall that occurred during the day.This time, the alert was given to the Municipal Firemen of Machico. A tourist, about 40 years old, suffered a fall when she traveled on Levada Nova, which connects Machico to Caniçal in the Ribeira Seca area.

The woman had several bruises on her body and injuries to one arm. She was transported by ambulance to the Machico Health Center where she was observed.

Today also, two tourists had to be rescued by lifeguards, after they found themselves in trouble, swimming at Seixal on the north of the island.

In another incident a French citizen was rescued today by SANAS at Ponta de São Lourenço.

The woman will have suffered a sprain while performing the course. The pre-immobilisation was performed by a doctor in the group who placed an appropriate splint on the citizen.

After transhipment, the woman was aided by the Municipal Firemen of Machico in the Marina of Quinta do Lorde.