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The Regional Government is going to build a new garden in Garajau, in the area where for many years a quarry has been operated, however disabled. The future space of leisure and enjoyment of the population, with approximately 7,500 square meters, will include a cafeteria, a cycle track, skate and skates, an extensive green area and another of geological monument, as well as a playground and an amphitheatre with sea view.

Miguel Albuquerque considers it important to reconvert that kind of spaces and understood that it is fundamental to take advantage of an abandoned space that “impoverished that part of the parish of Caniço.”

The investment, budgeted at 500 thousand euros, has a term of execution of five months, and should start later this year.

In the centre of the garden will be implemented a cafeteria with a deck terrace, side by side with a large lawn and a recreational space for the younger generations, with equipment that appeal to mobility, balance, physical dexterity and motor coordination. From the cafe there will be a ramp leading to the top of the garden, where you will find a circuit for bicycles, skate and skates. The slope immediately below will be occupied by several slides, with different gradients.

The hillside slope will be used to install an amphitheatre with concrete benches for small events. RTPM

This area is just on the other side of the road to where the Chickens used to be, and just before Atlas Tyres.