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I believe only 5 flights have landed today. The Paris flight which stops at Porto then on to Funchal has just managed to land. A flight from the Azores landed earlier on, both Porto Santo flights with Aerovip landed today, plus the early morning Porto flight at 8am.

At least 14 flights have diverted and another 6 cancelled. 300 passengers who landed in Porto Santo on a Transavia flight with come to the island on the Porto Santo ferry .

The flight from Helsinki has also just landed as I write this , and the BA Gatwick flight is up next, so fingers crossed the winds have maybe started to ease.

BA Gatwick has just landed so lets hope things improve for the rest of the day.

Tap Cancellations.

The airline TAP added 44 cancellations to and from Lisbon airport between 10 pm Saturday and 1 pm today, according to the registrations on the ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal website.

According to Lusa’s accounts, there were 26 cancellations at Lisbon’s arrivals, including flights from Madeira, European cities, Brazilian cities and Moscow and Darkar, while the flaws in the games add up to 18 flights to various locations around the world.

Lusa is waiting for clarification on the dozens of cancellations of the company, whose social network page Facebook adds several complaints of passengers who ensure that they have not received information on the connections not made.

On the part of the company, the answers given in the same network refer “sincere apologies” and, in some cases, referred links for presentation of complaints.

The press has referred to “operational reasons” for these cancellations.

Already today, the PSD asked for the hearing in the parliament of the administration of TAP to explain the cancellations of flights and the CDS-PP wants to hear the Minister of Planning with the area of ​​transport