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The President of the Government of Madeira said today that the recurring situation of the conditions in the airport of the island is a “technical question that demands political solutions” in the revision of the limits of the wind to carry out the operations.

“It’s a technical problem, but it really requires political solutions,” Miguel Albuquerque told reporters when asked if landings and take-offs were affected again by the strong winds since 08:00 yesterday morning.

The Madeiran official said that the regional executive vice president, Pedro Calado, will travel to Lisbon on Friday to “meet again with officials of the Airports of Portugal (ANA) and” to move forward with this work of revising the limits “Of the speed of the wind for the accomplishment of the movement of landings and take-offs on the runway of the Madeira Airport.

“But the review of limits must always be within the principles of security,” said Miguel Albuquerque, stressing that this issue “can not be neglected.”.

Yesterday 20 flights have been canceled, having landed only 10 aircraft, and in the afternoon only one plane was able to land (at 17:56).

The strong winds have conditioned the normal operation and the station that the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere recorded at the airport a registered gust of 87 km / h.

“At the moment 10 aircraft are still diverted to different destinations,” said the airport source.

The Lobo Marinho, which makes inter-island connections, yesterday brought to Madeira, on the final  trip, “more than 500 passengers” who were held on the island of Porto Santo on planes that were diverted there, a source said from the company.

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