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TAP cancelled a flight yesterday morning, which should have left Funchal at 7:05 am, heading for Porto.

During the trip there would be a team from the Futsal Juvenile Madeira Team, which is disgusted by the fact that the airline cancelled the flight “without notice”, “for no apparent reason” and “without presenting an alternative”.

Contacted by JM, TAP claimed “operational reasons” and mentioned that “the information was disclosed yesterday (Saturday) in the monitors of the airport” of Madeira.  (Why would putting info on the monitors the day before at the airport be of any help to those flying ???)

According to one of the in charge of education, the team, which would participate in the National Inter-competitions SUB-16 Men’s Futsal, is in danger of cancelling their presence in the league, since the games begin today.

“We are trying to get the kids on different flights, but we are only getting places for Wednesday, and the tournament ends on Thursday,” laments Timóteo Andrade, the father of one of the athletes.

“They are all revolted because, of course, they are 15-year-olds and were euphoric to go to São João da Madeira to participate in the tournament,” continued this official, adding that on this flight TAP were 12 athletes and three adults of the Association of Madeira Football.