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The Prazeres skating team, made up of 10 adults and 45 children, has been trying to land in Madeira since 07h30 today. The first attempt came at around nine o’clock when, near the island, the TAP pilot diverted the flight to Porto Santo for weather reasons. There, the passengers stayed for two hours inside the plane, without any explanation given by the crew. After that time the plane again took flight but, this time, back to Lisbon. According to Alípio Silva, coach of the team, worse than walking around was the fact that the vouchers distributed by the company did not reach all the elements of the team and there was a need to share among all the meals available.

Disgusted with this situation, the coach says it is unacceptable that TAP has individualized the team and did not treat it as a group when awarding the vouchers for meals. After long waiting lines with 45 children aged 6 and 7 under his care, Alípio Silva says that there were no vouchers for three team members, which made it necessary to divide their value among all elements.

At this moment (at 04:30 p.m.) the team of the Sports and Recreational Club of Prazeres is still waiting for the flight to leave Lisbon and has not eaten for hours.

It should be noted that this team participated last weekend in the International Skating Tournament of the Algarve.

Despite this setback, Alipio Silva has a reason to smile as he won a tournament of the CDR Prazeres (1st place of the European Speed ​​Skating Cup).