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The Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR) is on the way to the place where the foreign citizen fell victim to a fall in Levada dos Moínhos. The injuries are apparently serious.

Two fire brigades were rescued and rescued by a male individual, who was injured in Levada dos Moinhos, Caniço. He has been rescued by the rescue team and mountain rescue of the Madeirenses Volunteer Firemen (BVM) and by the Municipal Firemen of Santa Cruz (BMSC), a corporation that is in charge of transporting the victim to the hospital. Recently, EMIR has joined the pre-hospital teams on the ground, as injuries to the injured appear to be of some severity. There are, according to source of the firemen, serious traumatisms in the zone of cervical, dorsal and lumbar. The man, still of unknown nationality, is on his way to the emergency room and accompanied by the EMIR medical team.

It is recalled that the Municipal Fire-fighters of Santa Cruz (BMSC) and Volunteer Firemen Madeirenses (BVM) were activated by the Regional Command of Relief Operations (CROS) more than an hour and a half ago to rescue and rescue a tourist of about 40 years, who was the victim of a fall in Levada dos Moínhos