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Volotea, which started last Thursday a new route to Madeira from Marseille, hopes to bring 2,200 passengers to the region.
The connection takes place during the summer operation of the company, precisely on Thursdays, with a B717-200 aircraft with capacity for 125 passengers.
The Volotea already flies from Bordeaux to Madeira, also on Thursdays and from Nantes on Mondays.

Carlos Cerqueiro, director of Corporate Development and Communication at Volotea, said that the company is “very enthusiastic about this new route connecting Madeira to Marseille, allowing a direct connection with Provence in France. Two extremely charming regions of Europe, with excellent attractiveness, an excellent travel experience and competitive prices. ”
“It is with great expectation that we have received this new flight from Volotea, which connects Madeira to one of the largest and most emblematic French cities. This bet on the Madeira destination leaves us very proud and we will work together with the airline and other interested parties to ensure the success of this connection, “said Duarte Ferreira, director of Madeira Airport.

Due to yesterday’s winds the flight was unable to land and eventually returned to France, it then tried again later in the afternoon, but again the wind was not on their side and diverted to Lisbon. The airport was all prepared for the first passengers of this flight with bolo do mel and champagne  plus the bombeiros ready with the water jets to welcome the flight.