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The weather looks set to change from Thursday, and we are in for a bit of an unsettled spell. Depression Irene is to blame, and could bring some strong winds over Thursday and Friday. I will be keeping a close eye on this as I have family coming Friday, so will keep you all updated here. We will also have some rain, and could be pretty heavy at times, but I think by Sunday the day of the main Parade, it could be a little better, with just some showers. To early to say at the moment, but lets hope it changes for the better over the coming days.

This is what the IPMA say, Translated from DN

According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmospheres (IPMA), the Irene depression will have an influence on the weather conditions in Madeira, and will increase sea activity from tomorrow, April 17th.

The waves, from the northwest, are expected to reach 4 and 4.5 meters on the north coast of the Madeira archipelago and Porto Santo.

In addition, according to the IPMA, rain is expected to occur next weekend, at which time the allegorical procession of the Flower Festival takes place.

It is recalled that the Irene depression is centred north of the Azores archipelago and traveling north / northeast towards Iceland.