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The vice president of the Regional Government today addressed the issue related to the wind limits at the Madeira International Airport Cristiano Ronaldo, which motivated a meeting yesterday in Lisbon, but safeguarded that this is a matter that has to do, mainly, with the security.

Pedro Calado reminds us that the situation of the winds and the operationality of the Airport refers to “a technical issue, very complicated. It is important that we have the notion that it is security. The entity that manages the Airport is ANAC and all decisions have to be authorized by that entity. ANA manages the airports and is in tune with the ANAC “.

Calado says that “what is happening at Madeira Airport is unusual, it is the only airport in the world that has mandatory limits, meaning that even if the commanders consider having safety conditions to land, if the wind limits are above stipulated, can not do so under penalty of ANAC suspending its license to fly. ”

The Vice President of the Government expressed to ANAC his amazement at the fact that the limits set for Madeira Airport have not been changed since 1964, since the inauguration, and the track has already grown, the areonaves are more evolved and the pilots more training, emphasizing that the Regional Government requested the intervention of these entities with jurisdiction in the matter in the sense that the limits are changed from mandatory to recommendable simply because there is not a single airport in the world with this classification.

Pedro Calado also refers to the existence of devices that could eventually provide the Airport with better means, and the Regional Government has shown availability for these acquisitions. What happens is that, even with these acquisitions, ANAC guarantees that there are no conditions today to raise these limits of the winds in terms of safety, since there are contradictory positions regarding the times of measurement of the winds and their conclusions . There is a work that is being developed by several entities and what the Regional Government has requested is that there be speed of studies, always taking into account the safety of people. ”

A straight translation from Funchal Notícias.