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The announcement was made at the end of the day by the Insolvency Administrator.

The workers will now demand that their rights be respected, as explained by Énio Gouveia, trade union delegate.

Choupanha Hills opened doors in 2002. Part of the structure was consumed by the flames in the fires of the summer of 2016.

After a first seven-month layoff, the creditors commission asked for the extension of the layoff of the 27 workers, giving a signal of hope for the hotel’s recovery.

But the collective redundancy now appears and Antena 1 knows that there is no intention on the part of the banks to recover the hotel unit.

We have tried to contact the lawyer and President of the General Meeting of the Creditors Commission, Adolfo Brazão, but there will be no reaction to this decision.

The workers, now dismissed, will gather with the Hotel Industry Union on Thursday morning to assess the situation.