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The Maritime Authority warned, in a statement, that Portuguese-caravels were seen in the Region, and that the population should avoid contact. Its tentacles can reach 30 meters and its venom is very dangerous.

A lot have been spotted along the coast here in Caniço de Baixo, so im guessing there are many of them about, and pretty easy to spot.

The symptoms of the sting are severe pain and burn and some people may have severe allergic reactions, warns the AT, noting that “in case of contact, people should not rub the affected area, not to spread the poison, do not use fresh water, alcohol or ammonia, do not use bandages, wash carefully with saline, apply vinegar to the affected area, apply hot strips or hot water to relieve pain, remove tentacles from living water if they are clinging to the skin, wearing gloves, plastic tweezers and saline “.

From FN