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Paulo J. Melich Farinha Admin from the Facebook Page Cruise Ferry Madeira has accepted an invitation to be interviewed Wednesday evening after the news. 

These are just straight translations from a few News Sites.

“The Regional Government reveals once again its subservience to private interests. It led the ferry process in order to save the electoral promise, but without pinching the interests installed and to the detriment of the majority of Madeirans, “criticises the leader of the Left Bloc in Madeira.

Paulino Ascensão thus reacts to the announcement that the Madeirense Navigation Company (ENM), of the Sousa group, is the only competitor in the maritime connection by ferry between Madeira and the mainland.

The Madeira blocker believes that he wants “the limitations placed on the specifications for the transport of cargo and the landing in the port of Funchal”, or “the level of port charges met the goal of alienating potential competitors.”

For Paulino Ascensão, the Government of Madeira acted in a way to “protect the interests” of the monopoly group in the transport of the containerized cargo between Madeira and the mainland. “The same economic group that presented itself as the only interested in the ferry, a true fact to measure,”

The regional leader of the stranger still the possibility of a partnership of ENM with Naviera Armas, company responsible for the connection Funchal and Portimão between 2008 and 2012.

” It is not understandable that the operator who previously took the Canaries-Madeira-Portimão link did not apply in the tender’s own name and then appear as a subcontractor. What more attractive conditions does the local partner offer beyond those set out in the specifications, or what obstacles are removed by the partnership and which have inhibited a proper candidacy of the Canarian shipowner? “, Asks Paulino Ascensão. From JE

This from Sonia Santo Via Facebook.

Everything seems to indicate that the Madeirense Shipping Company may already have reached an agreement with Trans-Mediterranean (Armas group) to charter a Ferry for the realisation this summer of 12 round trips between Funchal and Setubal (or Portimão)

The chosen vessel is expected to be the new ferry Villa de Teror, still under construction at the Vigo shipyards, but due to be delivered to the ship-owner on 28 June and may start operating from mid or late July.

This modern ship has the most modern technologies, high standard of comfort, with two restaurants, swimming pool, VIP area, and even with a heliport.

It is curious as there is still no information about schedules, prices etc. for any interested parties can book their tickets and schedule their holidays or trips so that the ship has a good occupation rate.

Unless the goal is just to prepare a phrase to hear in the future and that could be of this kind


For the next year there will be no ferry since this ship will go to the Canaries –

Official photo of the Villa de Teror ferry model.

From DN

Pedro Calado confirms that the Madeirense Navigation Company is the only competitor to the ferry connection between Madeira and the Continent. “The tender ended on Friday, today the proposals were opened and it is confirmed that the only proposal that was submitted was the Madeirense Shipping Company,” said the vice-president of the regional government.

“The competition was open, there were several phases, this company was the only one and at the moment what should be done is to wait for the jury to pronounce. The most important thing is to know the terms of this proposal “, he emphasizes. Pedro Calado admits that this week or, at most, the next, there will be more precise information. “The fact that there is a company presenting a proposal does not mean anything,” he says.

Asked about the JPP’s assertions that there would be a recommendation from the Competition Authority so that the companies of the Sousa Group, of which it is part of the ENM, did not compete with the ferry line, guarantees that it is not aware of these recommendations.

“All the procedures were submitted to all the authorities and everything complies with what was legislated,” he says. What makes it clear is that the government is doing everything to have a ferry connection with the mainland.

“There are no victories in this process. The government exists to solve the problems of the population. For some time this government felt that it was an aspiration of the population to have a ferry that made the connection between Madeira and the mainland. The government has launched various procedures and felt the need to make some adjustments. “

The possibility that the operation of the ENM will be done with a ship of the ARMAS Naviera, the owner who was already in the line, does not displease to Pedro Calado.

“I do not want to be doing anything beyond what I do not know. [The ARMAS ship] may be a possibility and if it is, I think the population would be well served, “he says. What does not align is in disinformation.

“Public intoxication with information that has nothing to do with the process only complicates the situation. See what happened with the airline between Madeira and Porto “.

So it seems its just more crap after more crap spewing from the mouths of those in charge. 

They said the (Sousa Corrupt) Group would not be in the running for the Ferry, now they have it. 

It will only run 12 times in the busy summer, yet this group cant find a replacement ferry for the Lobo Marinho when it goes out of service for all of January, in the low season.

Still no idea when people can book holidays or travels on the ferry, as it seems it is still all up in the air, and still might never happen.