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After the few problems yesterday morning with the unexpected wind at the airport, this lead to two flights diverting to Porto Santo  and a number of others holding and circling for a while. The two flights that had diverted managed to return to the island later in the morning.

Later in the day of yesterday the strike by France’s air traffic controllers caused UJ 8136, operated by EasyJet, to be held on the runway at Madeira International Airport, waiting for safety conditions to be met to fly over French airspace.

As it was possible, the plane was to leave the Madeiran airport at 12:10 am and fly to Gatwick Airport in London. However, already inside the plane passengers were informed that the plane could not take off because the safety conditions were not guaranteed to fly over French airspace.

Since that time, passengers wait inside the plane, on the runway of the International Airport of Madeira.According to the DN they were offered potato chips and juices were served, but the passengers were not allowed to leave the plane.

The departures board was showing the flight should leave by 4.10 pm that day.

Any of my readers on this flight??