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A publication of the Department of Environment of Funchal City Council, published yesterday on Facebook, is generating outrage. At stake is the message that said “Help us keep our city clean! Please do not put shelters for animals on the public road, if you really like animals choose to adopt them, we help !! “. Already this morning, the publication was changed, removing the first part of the message.

The illustrative image concerns a shelter that has been placed by the residents at the Cruzamento das Courelas,  and is being used by at least one dog. In addition to this case, DN reports that the food that is placed in the area of ​​Penteada is also removed from the area by those in power.

The PAN Madeira was one of the parties that have already been outraged by these statements of the local authority and appeals to the population to take a position on the matter. In the document sent to the Department of Environment of the City Council, the party states that “animals are fed and the spaces in question are cleaned every day by the population, as your own image documents.

In an update on this story Funchal Chamber issued an apology to the way it handled this situation. Translated below.

The Municipality of Funchal states that “in politics, it is also necessary to have the humility to know how to apologise, so we reiterate it, given the less happy way this issue was exposed in the social networks of those in power”. At stake is the publication of the Department of Environment, released through Facebook, which called on residents to “help keep the city clean”, calling for no animal shelters to be placed on the public highway. However, the original publication was deleted from this social network.

In a communiqué that the local authority sent to us, after a request for clarification on the situation, “regrets the inconvenience caused by the publication” and states that “at no time was the intention of the Autarchy to criticise all those who, by their own means, help to respond to a problem that is not only of Funchal, but of all the municipalities of the Region, as is the case of wandering animals. ”

“In Funchal, over the last few years we have been able to put into practice a number of pioneering measures to defend the animal cause, and intervention in the case of stray animals is publicly one of our priorities in this field for the year 2018. That is why that we have already planned a total of 1,700 sterilizations in protocol with AMRAM and that, today, we will inaugurate the first Municipal Sterilization Centre, which will now allow the sterilization of wandering animals and / or belonging to needy families in the county, ” refers to the same note.

“We have acted within our competencies and are always at the forefront, but we know, however, that this is a problem of the whole Region, which can only be solved with the contribution of all, public authorities and citizens, and with a truly regional solution that also involves the whole population in the common cause of preventing the abandonment of domestic animals in the first place. ”

Thus, it clarifies that “the intention of the Municipality of Funchal with this alert was simply to sensitise the population to the way we should coordinate efforts and how we must ensure that our solutions are integrated, regulated and ensure the proper conditions of health and safety in public space “.

It concludes by stating further that “this is, in fact, the current practice of the services of the Municipality of Funchal for all similar cases, that is, contact with the population responsible for this type of shelter and seek to make feasible the best possible solutions together, precisely because we know that this is an inevitable and spontaneous response of the population, which is needed. This response only needs to be fulfilled under certain conditions for the good of all.