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Madeira is the chosen destination, and it is already this Saturday, June 2, that the area company makes this first retro flight in national territory that will connect Lisbon to Madeira.

The information was given by the company through its official ‘Facebook’ page.

The plane recovers the iconography of the company in the 70s.

On a retro flight that the company previously made to Miami, drinks onboard such as the Coca-Cola and Sagres beer were served in glass bottles and labeled as the ’70s, while Graham’s Port served in business class at the end of the meal was from the 1972 harvest.

It will be carried out with the Airbus A330-300 ‘Portugal’ airplane, registration number CS-TOV, which bears the company’s retro colors. TAP has sought, as much as possible, to recreate the details of the trips of the past. A retro environment in full, transporting its clients, some of them well remembered of the glamor and exclusivity that involved the air travels in the Portuguese flag company. An environment that includes cabin crew members who wear the uniforms of the 1970s.