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A week or so ago one of the political parties slammed the Camara of Santa Cruz for not looking after a number of areas in its district. One of these areas was Cristo Rei, which being one of the first stops for many tourist trips, buses taxis and coaches all stop here and the place has been looking disgusting.

It seems now a tidy up is underway, and I also believe the walkway down out to sea from the statue is going to be repaired as it is in a terrible mess, all the wooden hand rails and supports are broken, and its very over grown.

Thanks to Diana for this image.

Now the gardens have started to be tidied up, and I hope the toilets there also. I think this place needs someone there full time looking after this area, due to the amount of tourists that visit and to keep on top of it all. The gardens were cleaned up not so long ago and and withing 6 weeks the weeds were waist height again, so lets hope this area is kept nice from now on. I am not holding my breath for this , and one of the reasons for the post is for a reference as to when it was started.