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The Governing Council, meeting on June 25, recognised the “Madeira Gardens, Art Centre and Guest House” investment project to be carried out on land near Cabo Girão and promoted by the company Jardim das Nuvens, Unipessoal, Lda. . ‘.

According to the Executive, the planned intervention stands out for a varied set of reasons, namely for having clear advantages deriving from the privileged location, overlooking Cabo Girão, one of the iconic sites of the regional tourist offer and the fact that the investment planned, in the order of 10.000.000 euros, to constitute an effective project of hotel, botanical, artistic and multicultural commitment.

There are also reasons for urban planning, as the option will allow the requalification of a significant area in a noble area of ​​the municipality of Câmara de Lobos.

The ‘Madeira Gardens’ investment will bring a unique and rare collection of plants to the island of Madeira. The careful and pre-authorized introduction of new plants and flowers will enrich the local flora of Madeira.

Based on ‘Madeira Gardens’ investors are planning to open a landscape art school, which will attract professionals and landscaping enthusiasts as well as tourists interested in the subject.

In turn, the Art Centre will host exhibitions designed to promote young contemporary Portuguese artists as well as modern international artists. The Art Centre space will house all kinds of art, including paintings, installations, photography and multimedia art.

The Guest House, of reduced size to allow a service of excellence, will serve as a complementary composition to the Centre of Art and Gardens. It will allow the proximity of artists, art critics, lecturers and scientists to visitors and will ensure closer dialogue and collaboration among all participants.

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