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Emiliano Martins, the man who was being tried for the death of his parents and sister on the night of August 12, 2017 in Santana, was sentenced this morning to a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison at the Central Criminal Court of Madeira.

In addition, was also sentenced to pay compensation 294 thousand euros to relatives, and is removed from the inheritance of parents.

The arithmetical sum of the penalties applied to the accused reached 70 years in prison (25 years imprisonment for the death of the father, 25 years for the death of the mother and 20 years for the death of the sister), but as the penal code sets the maximum penalty in 25 years imprisonment was this punishment that was applied. 

The group of judges presided over by Filipe Câmara proved that the defendant was the perpetrator of the homicides of his parents, who were emigrated in France, and his sister, who resided in the Algarve, and who were vacationing at the family home in Madeira.The three were shot with a firearm while sleeping in their rooms.

The accused never took responsibility of the crimes. A week ago, at the hearing for final allegations, Emiliano Martins spoke for the first time about the death of relatives, but to deny he fired the shots. “I am not responsible. I was not there at that time, “said the man, also a former emigrant.