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Just shows what idiots we have in charge of our Island.

Translated from DN

The Regional Government’s President, Miguel Albuquerque, and the mayor of Funchal, Paulo Cafôfo, were this morning in the ‘stick of the row’ of the future Savoy, an event that marks the end of the major cement and concrete works of the hotel unit.

Miguel Albuquerque said that this project, along with the cable car, was the one that made him the victim of a “blow”, but said that today he feels “very proud of this work”. He also praised the determination and contribution of Avelino Farinha to the region’s economy. “It’s a beautiful undertaking,” he said.

Paulo Cafôfo turned to Avelino Farinha and said: “It is a good thing that he left Calheta and came to town, because what we need is investment.” On the other hand, it challenged the hotel group to remain faithful to the excellence and quality of the Savoy brand.

Avelino Farinha, promoter of the work, announced that the hotel will call itself Savoy Palace and integrate the brand ‘Leading Hotels’, which groups the most luxurious independent hotels in the world, such as the Ritz de Paris.

At the time, it was revealed that, with this investment, 120 million euros were poured into Madeira’s economy and, from now on, there will be more than 650 workers in the new phase of the work, in order to meet the deadline for inauguration.

The hotel’s opening is scheduled for April next year.