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The first 23 days of operation of Binter on flights between Madeira and Porto Santo reveal worrying data. The Spanish company sold only 22% of the places it put up for sale.

A larger plane was requested, and Binter has placed an ATR 72 that offers 72 seats. In the first 90 flights carried out, four a day, the Spanish company sold about 1,400 seats. This represented an occupancy rate of 22% of the 6,480 places offered for sale. From the data obtained it is possible to verify, for example, that in almost a third of the flights the aircraft flew with 10 or less passengers. Never, during the month of June was the plane full.

Travel times and prices (137.5 euros for non-residents and 72.5 euros for residents) may help explain part of the failure of the operation. But what seems to be evident is the inadequacy of the type of aircraft used, and the fact that BTR is flying during the day to the Canary Islands. Taken from RTPM

I would say he prices are the main problem, you can fly to London for less, for a 4 hour flight, who would pay 137.50 for a 10 minute flight, disgusting….Plus also on social media people have been complaining about the times it flies, that are not convenient for people who need to be in Madeira for a full day, for hospital trips for example.