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A study by Deco Proteste about the prices practiced in the supermarkets of the island of Madeira, indicates that Super São Roque is the one that presents the cheapest products. In the first three places are the Super São Roque, the Super Super of the Hospital District and the New Super Caniço, all of the same family group that has as a slogan: always at the forefront of its economy.

It follows Pingo Doce do Anadia, in the center of Funchal, Pingo Doce in the Madeira Forum and in La Vie Funchal.

The list ends with Modelo Continente in Cancela and Santa Quitéria, at Madeira Shopping.

According to Deco Proteste, the savings could reach 134 euros on an average spend of 400 euros a month.

Taken from DN