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Alicia Lewington is Miss Portuguesa Madeira’18. The results of the beauty contest, organized by My Klaquete and whose final gala was held last night at the Congress Centre in Funchal.

In addition to Alicia Lewington, Dayana de Freitas was also crowned as Miss photogenic, Diana Santos as Miss Sympathetic, Marisa Alves was elected 2nd Lady of Honour, and Catarina Carvalho was chosen as the First Lady of Honour.

As DN had previously reported, at 18, a resident of Caniço, Alicia Lewington is a student. It has been her dream / ambition to be mannequin and parade for great brands like Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger “and maybe even for Victoria’s Secret”. About his participation in this contest, said “it is an opportunity to open doors to the world of fashion, gain recognition and start working as a mannequin.” At the time she stated that if she won, she would promote Madeira internationally and the tourist paradise that represents the island.