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After my post this morning about the weather, it seems we could be in for a much cooler summer than normal, this is unusual for Madeira but it has happened before and any local will remember them.

“In Madeira, the presence of colder waters than normal and the trend towards an intensification of TUTT, which is a vorticity area at high levels, usually positioned between the Bermuda-Azores Anticiclone and the North African anticyclone, will lead to a summer a little more windy and cooler than normal, “writes the page specialising in meteorology.

As for the Azores, “the presence of much warmer water than normal will lead to a very hot and humid summer,” and it is expected that “some episodes of intense precipitation may occur from September.”

“This year the hurricane season will behave differently from last year, we expect fewer cyclones in the lower latitudes and more in the subtropical latitudes, with increased possibility of some tropical storm that can reach the Azores between September and November,” warns bestweather.pt