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The price of Petrol and Diesel has risen again. Every week the price of fuel is evaluated in Madeira, and from midnight Sunday the price will fall or rise. The one good thing in Madeira is the price is the same at all startions, so you don’t have the need to go hunting for a better price. BUT why is it going up so much, we have one of the poorest wages in Europe, and yet one of the highest fuel prices……

From 00:00 today, Monday, June 4, to supply the car in Madeira, has new prices and returned to be more expensive for the sixth consecutive week.

Super unleaded IO 95 gasoline cost € 1,571 (€ 1,564 per litre in the last week).

Road Diesel is also up in price at the cost of € 1,313 (€ 1,304 per litre in the last week).