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André Pestana and Miguel Silva, the Madeirans who left England on a bicycle 14 days ago to support the national team in the World Cup, have just arrived in Russia.

The moment has just been shared by the youth in social networks and the feeling could not be more satisfying.

The trip went so well that the athletes even reached the Russian border four days ahead of schedule. “We are super happy for this,” wrote the Madeirans on the page created on Facebook – ‘Epic Ride England to Russia’- where, in the last few days, hundreds of followers have not lacked messages of support.

There were 14 days on end to pedal, 2,400 kilometres without stopping and some setbacks, among which bicycle breakdowns, fines and dirt roads. But the adventurers always maintained the good disposition and spirit of overcoming.

The moments, some of them quite humorous, were being shared every day, through photos and videos, on Facebook.

With great determination and Lusitanian pride, the challenge, which has been accompanied by JM since the first hour, has just been fulfilled, precisely on Portugal Day.

Now, it only remains to ‘fly’ to the city of Sochi to watch and support the match between Portugal and Spain taking place next Thursday, June 14.

To finish this adventure in a big way, what the two friends want is to personally meet the players of the national team, especially Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in the world.

The hope that this happens is great and, in this sense, both thank all the support and sharing of the page that have had as main objective to get the initiative to get to see their team.

An adventure that, although starting from a joke, will mark the lives of these young people and those around them.

André Pestana and Miguel Silva, natives of Calheta and Ribeira Brava, respectively, feel completely fulfilled today.