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Friday, June 1, 2018, 4:00 p.m.

Theme : “Heirs of Tristan”


1 of JUNE – “The children”

16h00 – Official opening and visit of the entities to the tents of the market

4:30 pm – Dramatizations of the period: Baptized of Teixeira Lançarote

17h00 – Animation (Music, dance, saltimbancos, games …)

19h00 – Horse Tournament

21h00 – Courts of Infants (Misericórdia / Rua da Árvore / Ribeirinho / Alameda / Stage / S. Roque)

11:30 pm – Fire Show

24:00 – Closing


2 of JUNE – “The lands”

16h00 – Reopening of the market

16h30 – Disembarkation of Aires Pires

17h00 – Court of Donation of the Captaincy (Pier of S. Roque, R. Ribeirinho, R. Tree, Fort N. Srª of Amparo)

18h00 – Role

playing on horseback

22h00 – Toadas and galhardas in honor of the Teixeiras

23h30 – Fire show

24h00 – Closure


3 of JUNE – “The assets”

16h00 – Reopening of the market

16h30 – Animation (Music, dance, mountaineers, games …)

18h00 – Dramatizations of the period: Reading of the testament of Tristão

19h00 – Horseback

Tour 21h00 – Rhapsody of bagpipers and bombs

10:00 pm – Closing

Other Activities:

– 12th Colloquium of the 16th Century Market “Heirs of Tristão – Memórias e patrimônios” on May 19 at the Machico Forum

– Exhibition “Heirs of the Captains of the Grantee” from May 14 to 20 at La Vie Shopping Center and from May 21 to May 8 June at Madeira Airport

– Concert of the Conservatory of Arts of Madeira – extension of Machico on May 30 at the Machico Forum.

Taken from Acontece Madeira