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A few of you asked this question on the blog today, so good news for all and I would imagine the last part will be fixed really soon.

As planned, the path at the east part of Praia Formosa was replaced on the weekend. The pedestrian corridor that sits on top of the pebble thus guarantees better conditions of movement from the side of the old Shell facilities to the tunnel with connection to the Dock of the Cavacas, also recently reopened to the public (daily between 8am and 10:30 p.m.). The (almost) integral connection of the seafront promenade stretching from the Lido to Câmara de Lobos is now restored, although it is currently closed at the end of the connection between Formosa and the Socorridos, due to on-going recovery work on the ‘suspended’ corridor in the section next to the ‘Cimentos Madeira’, which was destroyed by the fury of the strong maritime agitation of the last winter.