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This story below is in the Jornal Madeira, I have just copied and pasted it as really don’t have much patience for this.

The search for the ferry ‘Volcán de Tijarafe’ has been below expectations, taking into account the low number of tickets sold so far. After a first day of sales with a big ‘race’ to the tickets, the demand has stabilized in much lower numbers, according to Sérgio Gonçalves, administrator of the Company of Navigation Madeirense to the JM.

By the afternoon of yesterday, 1,980 tickets had been sold for all scheduled flights, the most sought-after being the first trip between Funchal and Portimão on July 2, with 120 reservations, equivalent to 12% of the ship’s occupation.

Sérgio Gonçalves said that on the remaining trips the tickets sold do not even reach 100, adding that “although it is still very premature, it will be very difficult for the operation to continue beyond 12 weeks.

So what do there idiots expect? Most people start planning their summer holiday in the early part of the year, from January 

Do they really think people were going to wait for fingers to be pulled out of @rs%5 in the hope that we might have a ferry running this year.

Once the ferry was confirmed for 12 weeks this summer, most people would have already planned, booked and paid for their summer holiday, it then took them weeks before tickets went on sale. So guess what ticket sales will be low for this season because you lot in charge dont know what you are doing. Let’s hope, and for sure next year people can book tickets before the summer is here, with a good chance of  filling the boat..

Rant over….