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After Austria, it is time for South Africa to enter the stage with the pyromusical show titled ‘African Pride’, the second to join the International Festival Fireworks Festival of the Atlantic Festival this year. A show that, as usual, will take place at 10:30 pm on Saturday, June 16, at Pontinha waterfront, as a tribute and celebration of the African roots.

Before this Show, People’s Square will host the already known Summer Sunsets that accompany this event, in a schedule that, exceptionally, will only take place between 18.00 and 21.00, to give place to the brilliant performances that integrate and close, with a golden key, the “Raízes do Atlântico” Festival, starting at 9:00 pm., with the Terra de Vera Cruz by Vítor Sardinha, followed by the expected climb to Simone’s stage at 11:00 pm.

A full Saturday is what the Atlantic Festival promises in its second weekend, with residents and tourists expected to enjoy and actively participate in this program, which is, in its entirety, free admission. From JM