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Contacted by JM, TAP’s communications office today explained the cancellations recorded in recent days from and to the Autonomous Region of Madeira and explained that they were caused by “a series of imponderable contingencies.”

The company gave as grounds for cancellations the weather, the works at the airport and the strike in Marseille.

More specifically, the “case of a bad weather in Oporto, together with works at Sá Carneiro airport, which forced the closure of the airport during the night, as well as the disturbances caused in the air traffic by the strike in Marseilles”, reads in the response given via email.

As a result of these events, the company “recognises the inconvenience caused to the affected passengers, to whom it apologises,”

“All these contingencies affected the TAP operation last night, leading to unavoidable flights cancellations, with the aggravation of not being able to accommodate passengers in hotels, due to lack of rooms in Porto, considering that it is a vacation and where the hotels are full, “he explain

“The passengers affected by these cancellations are being transported on the Company’s subsequent flights, and TAP is committed, as always, to finding the appropriate solutions to protect and care for its customers, scrupulously complying with all national and international regulations and legislation, applicable to air transport, “concludes TAP.

Translated from JM