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Catarina Catarino will be holding a workshop in English on Tuesday June 19th. This will be in Funchal, and the location will be posted on my blog as soon as it becomes available, or you can contact Catarina through the details below.

Workshop: The Nature Of Mind-Body Nutrition
Location: Funchal, exact location to be announced
Date: Tuesday June 19, 7.30 to 9.30 pm.Learn cutting-edge strategies to help you approach your health and eating challenges in ways that nourish rather than punish.Improve your digestion and find your body’s best weight – learn how the psycho-physiology of your emotions, stress and relaxation deeply affect your metabolism, immunity, mood, emotional resilience, digestion, energy levels, and more…
Beyond conventional nutrition, learn a positive approach that reinforces your confidence and ability to make choices conscious in your diet and lifestyle – with a profound impact on all aspects of your physical and emotional health.

Address the fascinating connections brain, body and behavior, exploring diet, mindset, and lifestyle. Gain practical, effective strategies to address your health and eating challenges.

Cost: €13
Bookings with Catarina Catarino via:
Phone: 93 517 4397
Email: [email protected]no.com

Teacher: Catarina Catarino
Graduated in:
– Transformational Nutrition by the Institute for Transformational Nutrition, California USA.
– Functional Nutrition by the Functional Nutrition Alliance, Oregon USA.
– Eating Psychology by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Colorado USA.

I can finally confirm the location of my workshop. It will be held at Apartamentos do Mar, Rua da Quinta Calaça 3, 9000-108 Funchal.
However, people will still need to book with me prior to attending.