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New data on the last death of a tourist on the levadas in Madeira is now more clear.

The man who fell from a height of 50 meters on a Levada in Ribeira da Janela, in Porto Moniz, last Friday, was taking a selfie when he slipped and fell fatally.

The man of French nationality had his back to the abyss, but despite being in a place of the levada with three meters wide, he approached gradually towards the edge in search of the best angle for photography. And then he took a step back.

The tourist fell vertically from a height of 50 meters, which caused him a very serious fracture, having immediate death.

AgoraMadeira knows that the dead victim had long experience in levadas and that his wife had to be transported by the Volunteer Firefighters of São Vicente and Porto Moniz for being in a state of shock.

In the company of the couple, there was a group of tourists.

Very sad news, and just shows that a small lapse in concentration can be fatal.

I always talk about safety on Levadas on this blog, and one of the main things I stress is if you want to take photos you stop  you see so many walking with cameras not concentrating on where they are treading. The paths can be very uneven, rocky or with tree roots, wet and slippery. Please take care