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Paulo Sérgio or Paula, as he liked to be called, was found lifeless yesterday at his residence in Santo António. Well-known figure of Funchal, Paulo Sérgio had not yet made 50 years of age.

A member and volunteer at the Garouta do Calhau Community Development Association, Paulo Sérgio was a well-known figure in Funchal, much because of his eccentricity. He wore feminine clothes, quite colorful and tight fitting, and for this reason was often the subject of very negative and derogatory comments.

JM, source close to Paulo Sergio said that these comments always left him very shaken and several times said that he did not want to live anymore.

In social networks, the Garouta do Calhau Association made a point yesterday to announce his departure: “Today was a sad day for users and employees of Garouta do Calhau, passed away Paulo Sérgio, an exceptional person, friend, volunteer, helpful, educated and sensitive . a being single, known for his extravagance, and irreverence sometimes shocking. 
Paul was above all a great human being, respected and accepted by all users and garouta employees do Calhau and among us met a space where was respected in his difference. Rest in peace Paulo Sergio, until one day, “reads the publication.