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A tourist of German nationality aged 66 and with a guided group died today following a fall that occurred in Levada das 25 Fontes, in Calheta.This is already the third death this year occurred in this levada. The information was confirmed by the Regional Government, which ensures that the situation is being monitored on the ground by the Forest Police Corps, in conjunction with other entities that are providing full support to the victim’s family.

“Although the Routes Recommended by the Regional Government are regularly maintained by the IFCN in order to provide the greatest possible safety, we can not but warn of the care everyone should have when moving to the mountains. Clothing and footwear care, but also behavioral, being advised against all that may pose a risk, such as leaving the course for any reason, often to take photographs as already noted. The walk should always be carried out with the utmost attention, “he said in a note issued.

I really think this walk needs to be closed, they let to many groups of tourists on this walk at one time making it crowded and not an enjoyable experience.

Three dead in 3 months and the government have done nothing. I speak with many tourists who have done this walk and they say you are constantly stopping and starting to let people pass. They are just packing as many tourists on the walk as possible, I’m sure with no safety advise either.