“More than 80% of the car fleet will be barred from driving in the center of Funchal,” said the councilor of the PSD after a meeting held with the AITRAM board, referring to the Mobility Plan, which of cars with registrations before 2001.

A position shared by the AITRAM president who considers the measure “catastrophic” for the sector.”This will have a very negative impact on about 80% of our fleet. It will be the extinction of taxis in Funchal, “warned Antonio Loreto, at the end of the meeting with Rubina Leal, who was completely against this possibility.

After all, there are 650 taxis that can no longer circulate in the center of Funchal. It is, said the social-democrat councilwoman, a “light and irresponsible” measure, which shows lack of common sense on the part of the Coalition of Paulo Cafôfo that approved it.

“What was presented yesterday [July 5] was an Action Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PAMUS), in which it is clear at the ninth point – and no one can say it is a lie – that the House intends to implement a ZER [Reduced Emission Zone] in the area bounded by Cota 40, preventing the entry and movement of vehicles prior to 2001, “said Rubina Leal, stressing that the PSD can not accept such a measure.

Translated from Diario Noticias