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I am going to experience a Traditional Madeira Evening while I have some time off work in August.

If anyone is interested in this we are going on Saturday 4th August. Restaurant A Seta in Livramento Funchal.

The will be collections from Cristo Rei Garajau, and also in Funchal.

The menu is as follows: – You have a glass of Madeira wine as entrance. – You’ll get to taste the Bolo do Caco with garlic butter, it is our own traditional bread. – you’ll have the first plate, a nice soup, where you can chose tomato soup or Caldo Verde soup. – Main Dish: Espetada,  cubes of chopped beef skewered on a stick that go to the fire to cook, with garlic, salt and laurel. together with the Espetada you’ll have french fries, salad, vegetables and fried maize (milho frito), which is also very traditional of the Island. – Dessert. – Coffee. – Digestive with a liquor from the island. – the drinks you can choose, red wine, white wine, water, soda or soft drinks. You can repeat food and drinks and the price will be the same.
While you are eating a delicious meal at the same time you’ll see live performances of a Folk Group from Madeira and Fado concert. the Folklore group they dance and sing traditional songs from the locals. The Fado, considered World Music in the music Category, the Fado is part of the DNA of Portugal, Fado which was considered by UNESCO in 2011, Intangible World Heritage, it is performed Live with two guitar players and voice of Maria Eugenia, considered one of the best Fado Singers of Portugal.
If you would like to join us on this evening please email me at [email protected]
The price is 35.00 euros per person which includes transfer, an all you can eat and drink at the restaurant.