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This is all a straight translation from FN

Some users of the new ATMs installed throughout the country, some of them operating for some time in Madeira, have complained about commissions charged in certain surveys. There were even situations of withdrawals of 200 euros that resulted in the collection of 15 euros of fees. SIBS, the entity that manages the Multibanco network, explains that the Euronet network, responsible for the new boxes, “are not authorised to allow withdrawals of the Multibanco brand”.

These news circulated throughout the day in several national communication bodies, some of them citing Lusa, and Jornal de Negócios and Público reported on the position taken by SIBS, which warns users that the authorisation “never has consumers who use them should pay particular attention to the operations carried out on those machines and to the possible collection of fees. ”

Euronet has already explained that “commissions are charged by the banks of their customers on certain dual-function debit / credit cards for cash withdrawal transactions at our ATMs in Portugal.”

The Euronet network was established in Hungary in 2015 and has expanded to tourist centres. Transfers, prepayment systems and withdrawals can be made in the respective boxes.

Can you see the difference between these two ATM’s?

Look at the image better:

Looking at the image we can verify that:

– The ATM (*) that is on the left side with the blue background belongs to a US company operating in Portugal to Euronet and is intended to be used by foreigners visiting Portugal. If you use a DUO Card with an ATM and credit function, the Euronet ATM only recognizes the credit function and in this way will pay to the bank that issued the card fees and commissions of the credit raised in that ATM. The DUO card outside the SIBS network is only recognized as a credit card!

“The fees charged by banks to their customers on certain dual functionality debit / credit cards for cash withdrawal transactions at our ATMs in Portugal are not charges that Euronet charges cardholders, nor are fees that Euronet actually receives in whole or in part. ” Euronet

– The ATM that is on the right side with the orange fade is from SIBS , a Portuguese company, and is an ATM Express that recognizes DUO cards and the card’s ATM function.

NOTE : In Portugal it is legally prohibited to pay any amount by raising money at ATMs (ATM).

* ATM- Automated Teller Machine