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The classic cars are back to the Special Classification Test of the Avenida do Mar – International Business Center of Madeira, which takes place Friday, August 3. In all, there will be 16 classic cars going through Avenida do Mar, the first of which will start at 18:55 and the rest will follow every 30 seconds, as reported by the communication office of the race.

“In this parade of classics we will have the following vehicles: Bentley (Urbino Rebelo), Triumph (Jorge Gordon), Ferrari (Tito Noronha), Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider from 1960 (Luís Paulo Noronha), two Jaguar João Noronha and João Bonal), Ford Escort Mk 1 of 1975 (J. Mendes de Almeida), Riley (Ricardo Velosa), MGA (António Martins), Datsun 120Y (Jorge Trindade), Steyr – Puch 650 TR (Herberto Mendes) Sunbeam (Eduardo Bonal), Lancia (José Carlos Ramos), Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider (Cláudia Silva) and another Alfa Romeo (Alfredo Pereira).

Program for the Rally Week is below.

This year the Rally will start and finish from Praça do Povo on the front of Funchal.

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