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The closure of the highway between Ribeira Brava and the Campanário is generating traffic congestion, creating “moments of despair.”

Some motorists say they have been stuck in traffic for hours due to work being done on this stretch of road, scheduled until 5 pm today.

One of the drivers told DN that the chaos begins shortly after passing the Quinta Grande exit, and that essentially the heavy vehicles are ‘clogging’ the road. “A drama to get off the highway in the Campanário area,” he said, questioning where the ambulances will go in case of an emergency. The alternative, which is the regional road, is also chaotic.

Commander of the Traffic Police says that terminating a highway “could only result in chaos”

The commander of the Funchal Transit Station is surprised by the works being carried out between the Ribeira Brava and the Campanário, on a Monday, as a rule, the day of the week with the highest traffic flow.

On his Facebook page, Jerónimo Pina said that “closing down the main route of communication in the region, both ways and in daytime, without prior planning with the fundamental intervention of the local police, could only result in chaos.”

As DN reports, some motorists say they have been stuck in traffic for hours because of work being carried out on this stretch.


Also on the Expressway in Cancela a Suzuki-branded car caught fire a few moments after the entrance of the fast lane, next to De Borla. Santa Cruz Municipal Firefighters are on site to fight the flames.

Apparently there are no injuries to register. The Town Council of Caniço, through social networks, calls attention to motorists, advancing that the vehicles are leaving in Cancela, following the route by the Regional Road.