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The company of Cercejas da Madeira (ECM) launches a limited edition of Coral, a beer of ‘Pure Malt’, allusive to the celebrations of the 600 years of the discovery of the islands

To celebrate the 600th anniversary of the discovery of the Madeira archipelago, the company has launched a 100% Malt beer, unique in Madeira, where the whole manufacturing process is differentiated, as explained in a statement.

“In addition to being produced by a proprietary yeast strain reproduced exclusively from ECM, high-quality ingredients (barley malt and special hops) – without preservatives or adjuncts – were used in association with exclusive manufacturing methods, which gives it a refined taste as our nature, striking as our history and consistent as our culture, “he said.

This is a limited edition, a filling of only 268 thousand bottles, approximately the number of inhabitants of the Madeira archipelago and will be available in 33 cl bottle glass format in supermarkets, restaurants, bars and cafes.

On its label it carries the signature of the mother brand, CORAL, and has an image that conveys the strength and the claw of the Portuguese people, being the cross of the order of Christ (intrinsic element in the history of Portugal used in the sails of the ships at the time of the discoveries) the characteristic element of this limited edition.