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The University of Madeira again offers, in the academic year 2018/2019, the Free Course of Portuguese Non-Mother Language (PLNM).

Someone has let me know these classes are not free as there is a 20 euro joining fee plus 135.00 euros for each level you will to take part in. 

The course will work in the first and second semesters and is structured in two levels: elementary (A1 and A2) and intermediate (B1 and B2). The elementary level is for those who have never taken Portuguese classes, and are also suitable for Spanish speakers and for those who still have very little knowledge of Portuguese. In turn, the intermediate level is aimed at those who already have some knowledge of Portuguese and want to deepen them, as well as for those who want to continue to deepen their knowledge of Portuguese Language and Culture.

Registration is open until September 28, 2018, for the first semester, and until February 28, 2019, for the second semester, in the Student Support Office of the Academic Affairs Unit, located on floor 0 of the Campus,  Universitário da Penteada. In the act of registration, the candidates must be accompanied by an identification document to confirm the data.

The minimum age required for PLNM attendance is 18 years, and there are no specific requirements regarding the previous academic training of candidates.

The classes will be taught in a post-work regime, two days a week, from 6 to 8 pm. The completion of the course is subject to the existence of a minimum of 10 entries.