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After a “shy” month of July in terms of sun, an extensive reality throughout the country, August promises to bring some summer to the region. But there is a curious fact, the figures indicate that in July, Funchal recorded 149 hours of sunshine (sun exposed), the lowest value for 22 years, at which time it recorded 148 hours.

In national terms, the forecasts of the IPMA (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere) point to an orange alert, Wednesday and Thursday, in the districts of Bragança, Évora, Setúbal, Guarda, Braga, Vila Real, Castelo Branco and Portalegre , and the yellow alert is reserved for Viseu and Faro, where temperatures will exceed 40 degrees.

Madeira has good weather forecasts, but temperatures have nothing to do with those that point to continental territory. Victor Prior, head of the IPMA Region, said: “The temperatures for this week in Madeira will be around 26, 27 degrees and at the end of the week they may reach 28, and at the beginning of next week, thus reaching 29 degrees.” Very different from the temperatures that point to the continent, which can reach, in some cases, over 40 degrees.

Regarding what happened in July, which is ending as an atypical month in terms of summer, Victor Prior considers that we cannot say that it is being a typical summer, the average temperature was lower, compared to last year, but identical to the recorded in recent years. The figures point to the existence in July in Madeira of an average temperature of 22.3 degrees (22.8 in 2017). The number of hours of open sunshine, also in July in the region, was 183 hours, when the normal number would be 221. In Funchal, there was the lowest value of 22 years ago, with 149 hours of sunshine discovered.