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The Grand Café Penha d’Águia had a full house yesterday to welcome the ‘Atlantic Jazz Friends’, which was a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

In this event, there was wine tasting, followed by an ‘American Dinner’, to the sound of American jazz and with menu allusive to the theme.

The Regional Directorate of Culture was represented in this event, also counting on several personalities of Madeiran life and presence of one of the biggest names in national music.

The Atlantic Jazz Friends are a group of artists from the jazz, blues and bossa nova areas, bringing together in a quintet the musicians Jorge Maggiore (drums), Francisco Aguilar (saxophone), Ivo Batista (bass), Aníbal del Corral ), Zoya Turner (vocals).

It should be noted that the Grand Café Penha d’Águia has been promoting and supporting a number of cultural initiatives whose programming consists of thematic events, always on the last Friday of each month.