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Cars vandalised last night in Caniço.

Several vehicles appeared this morning, with broken glass, on the road between Garajau and Caniço de Baixo.

The act of vandalism will have occurred during the dawn of this Monday, but according to the images to which the JM had access, only the glasses will have been hit, and the purpose is unknown. Still, the damage will be significant.


A giant wave built from plastic waste was set on fire this morning at Ponta Gorda, similar to several rubbish bins in the same area on the Estrada Monumental.

The acts of vandalism occurred around 4 o’clock this Monday. The authors will have invaded the Bath Complex of Ponta Gorda and set fire to the structure, which served as an environmental education piece.

The same happened with some papers next to the Madeira Palaçio, in the Monumental Road, implying that they will be the same authors.

The alert has been given to fire-fighters, who have ensured that the fires have been extinguished, and also to the Maritime Police, and at the moment the case is being investigated by the competent authorities.

JM knows that this is not the first time that similar acts of vandalism occur in the various bathing complexes under the management of the FrenteMarFunchal, and this situation is relatively recurrent on the public promenade itself. (Very regular so why is it still happening?)

Only in the last month, seven cases of fire-related vandalism have been registered in these same places.

Official source told JM that the administration of these spaces is still accounting for the value of the damage.

Saturday afternoon, at 16:49, the Madeiran Volunteer Fire-fighters were called to the Cidrão Bridge to retrieve a garbage container that was thrown to the bed of the river.

The container belongs to a commercial establishment located on the sea avenue.