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Sven Yrvind is in Porto Santo, where he arrived on July 7 to rest, can be read on the site of the Swedish lone sailor.

Yrvind, 82, is a sailor, boat builder and Swedish writer. He was famous for traveling alone in small boats built by his own hands, like this one the “ExLex.

ExLex, is basically an experience, there are some problems that need to be solved, as the solitary navigator recognises. In the site where he describes the adventures, Yrvind says that “the boat is very heavy, which affects speed and stability. There is a serious problem with the control that causes the rudder to lock. It is very tight inside and it was not possible to handle the sail from the front hatch as planned. ”

Faced with these problems Sven Yrvind has decided to correct and design a new boat where these problems are corrected. Now it is resting but promises to give news through the site.

The Swede decided in 2012 to take a solitary trip around the world in a boat that is only 5.76 meters long and a little over 1 meter wide. The ExLex was built with 4 cm thick Divinycell sheets and achieves an average speed of 2 knots. This means that the nonstop voyage of 15,000 nautical miles can take about 300 days.

Sven Yrvind has a life full of nautical achievements, even gave lectures to the royal family of Sweden and also received prizes from the prestigious Royal Cruising Club in the United Kingdom.

Yrvind guarantees that the boat is a small capsule, where nothing can happen to him. “It’s like throwing a bottle into the sea,” he can turn around and flip “but always comes back” to the surface.

Navegador solitário chega ao Porto Santo em micro-barco