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The closure of the highway, between Ribeira Brava and the Campanário, generated not only traffic congestion, leading some motorists to be ‘stuck’ in the road for several hours, but it also brought other discomforts. According to information provided to DN by a motorist, several vehicles were fined due to these works. For example, in the parish of Campanário, only on a road (on the road used as an alternative between Campanário and Ribeira Brava) will have been more than two dozen vehicles fined by officials from Câmara de Lobos, without prior information on the spot, both from the concessionaire and from the PSP, with regard to the problems that road closure would bring, even on alternative roads.

It was merely pointed out to the motorists involved, that parking on that road was no allowed. 

It will be recalled that next week the expressway will close again.