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In a statement to the press this afternoon, the Regional Government commented on the statements made by Emanuel Câmara, Mayor of Porto Moniz, regarding the state of Estrada Regional 101, between São Vicente and Porto Moniz. This issue is highlighted in today’s press release from our DN on pages 22 and 23 .

In this regard, the Regional Government says it is strange to the considerations of the Mayor of Porto Moniz, accusing him of an “attempt to disregard the current state of the road.”

The executive recalls that “in April 2016, as part of the renegotiations of the Public Private Partnerships, the road section of the Regional Road 101, between São Vicente and Porto Moniz, was delivered to the Porto Moniz City Council, in a good state of recovery and maintenance “And that,” after two years, for obvious lack of attention, the emblematic road was abandoned by the Municipality of Porto Moniz, and is in a state of pity. “

“In a clear attempt to camouflage his incompetence, he now wants the president of Porto Moniz to push responsibilities to third parties, forgetting that two years ago he promised, with enthusiasm, to reopen some of the road sections of the ER101, including using video surveillance systems.

In this regard, the Regional Government reiterates that it has handed over to the municipality of Porto Moniz “a perfectly signposted roadway, with recovered roads and walls, also with clean accesses”.
We are not accepting any responsibility for the state of abandonment to which that section of roads have now been left.