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Thank you to Helen for sending me this message and information, and I am pleased you were able to go to the event.

Thanks for the article about the star gazing last night at Calheta, it was brilliant.  Despite quite a bit of cloud cover, it was still possible to view the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn (perhaps more as I left at 11.30 p.m.)  As an added bonus, we had a brief glimpse of the International Space Station moving between the clouds.

The next event is next Friday at Pico do Barcelos at 21:30 where they are going to observe the eclipse of the moon.  

This is a programme below of other events for the “Summer of Astronomy 2018” which you might want to post on Madeira Island News. Have attached a couple of photos too and there are more on the FaceBook page.

The official website for more information is http://astronomiamadeira.net/